The deflector stone is placed on the fire ring over the hot coals, protecting the food from the direct heat. The grill rack is raised with the distance piece. With indirect grilling you can cook large pieces of meat, whole fish and poultry gently on low temperatures. Gentle grilling of food in the grilling chamber at low temperatures (90-160 °C). The food grilled remains juicy and doesn’t get burnt. This is the most commonly used method with the BBQ Smokers. The pizza stone is raised with the distance piece and the MONOLITH is preheated to 300°C - 350°C. Different options exist for smoking food – smoking with wood, wood chips or wood flour. After heating the grill up, close the air regulator, thus minimising the intake of air. By adding different kinds of seasoning or spices destined for smoked food, you can change the fl avour of your meal as you wish. With this method the grill rack is placed on the fire ring over the hot coals. The food must be turned in order to be grilled from both sides.

MONOLITH Grill Models

MONOLITH grills come in three different sizes and two colours – black and red. “Classic” is the medium-size model with a 46cm diameter rack. “Junior” is a smaller model with the rack diameter of 33cm. “Le Chef” is the largest model with the rack diameter of 57cm. All three models are fit for professional grilling. You can choose the set up of the racks and other accessories yourself according to the grilling method and food you prepare.