The deflector stone is placed on the fire ring over the hot coals, protecting the food from the direct heat. The grill rack is raised with the distance piece. With indirect grilling you can cook large pieces of meat, whole fish and poultry gently on low temperatures. Gentle grilling of food in the grilling chamber at low temperatures (90-160 °C). The food grilled remains juicy and doesn’t get burnt. This is the most commonly used method with the BBQ Smokers. The pizza stone is raised with the distance piece and the MONOLITH is preheated to 300°C - 350°C. Different options exist for smoking food – smoking with wood, wood chips or wood flour. After heating the grill up, close the air regulator, thus minimising the intake of air. By adding different kinds of seasoning or spices destined for smoked food, you can change the fl avour of your meal as you wish. With this method the grill rack is placed on the fire ring over the hot coals. The food must be turned in order to be grilled from both sides.

A two-time Czech Republic BBQ champion Jiří Dolenský

In Czech, BBQing is no more thought of only in connection with sausages, nor is barbecue considered to be merely…

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Monolith Grill

  • Monolith Grill - Introduction

    MONOLITH grill means freedom. This ceramic grill offers a wide range of possibilities – grilling, smoking, baking, barbecuing or roasting. Enjoy all the options it offers, impress your guests and spoil your taste buds. Your garden will become a realm of endless choices.

  • Grilling Methods

    Barbecue, low temperature cooking, baking, smoking... Which ever way you prepare your dishes, the MONOLITH grill will always enable you to achieve perfect results. No matter whether you need very high temperatures to grill the perfect steak or smoke a large amount of meat for hours on low temperatures.

  • MONOLITH Grill Models

    MONOLITH grills come in three different sizes and two colours – black and red. “Classic” is the medium-size model with a 46cm diameter rack. “Junior” is a smaller model with the rack diameter of 33cm. “Le Chef” is the largest model with the rack diameter of 57cm. All three models are fit for professional grilling.

  • MONOLITH Buggy

    You can mount the MONOLITH grill (Classic, Le Chef) into the mobile Buggy table made of stainless ground steel. The grill is fixed in a special spring-loaded holder. Large wheels ensure smooth and secure transport of the grill even on a rougher ground.

  • MONOLITH Full-Scale Outdoor Kitchen

    With MONOLITH Classic, you can put together a complete and practical outdoor kitchen. MONOLITH grill is mounted in a stainless steel and teakwood buggy which comes complete with a table with a basin and water hose connecter and a top-quality sliding compressor cooler.

  • Special Tips

    The unique system of supplying wood chips gives the meat that typical smokey BBQ taste, without having to raise the lid. The wood chips are placed on a rack and are pushed through the intended opening directly in to the fire area.